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Bar Interior

Bar Closedown

  1. Tables In bar and dining room cleaned/polished and set up for the next day

  2. Cutlery, including spoons to be polished by kitchen or bar staff with vinegar

  3. Check garden is clear of glasses/plates/highchairs

  4. All glasses washed and put away

  5. Switch off, empty and clean the coffee machine

  6. Put milk in the kitchen fridge

  7. Lemon and limes put in the bar fridge

  8. Stock up all bottles and snacks

  9. Clean the sink and under the sink

  10. Clean all bar surfaces

  11. Clean all beer pumps

  12. Remove all beer pump nozzles and soaked in a jug of water overnight

  13. Wash all drip trays and bar mats in the glass washer

  14. Glass washer emptied and turned off, leave the door open

  15. Napkin boxes replenished, sauces and cutlery pots filled

  16. Turn off all fridges in the bar

  17. Empty the bin behind the bar

  18. Z report the till and cash up

  19. Put tablet, card machines and phone on the chargers

  20. Turn off TV’s and all gaming machines  

  21. Bring in the cushions from outside

  22. Turn off chiller in the cellar

  23. Check all windows are closed and doors locked, including the kitchen area and cellar door.

  24. Check all lights are off including the kitchen and car park

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