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Our Chef

Justin Sterry

Justin, a native of the picturesque Forest of Dean, discovered his culinary passion at a tender age. Rising swiftly through the ranks, he achieved the coveted title of Head Chef by the remarkable age of 18. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity for gastronomy, Justin finds joy in continually expanding his culinary repertoire and mastering new techniques. His heart lies in the warmth and camaraderie of family-run establishments, where he thrives in fostering genuine connections with both patrons and colleagues alike.


Outside the kitchen, Justin finds solace and inspiration in the embrace of nature, embracing the Forest of Dean’s rugged beauty as an avid outdoorsman. With each dish he crafts, Justin intertwines his love for food, community, and the great outdoors, creating a culinary experience that reflects his vibrant spirit and unwavering dedication.



All served with roast potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables, yorkshire pudding and chefs’ rich gravy




Mixed Meats

Child Roast

Vegan alternative roast

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